Do not despair of life. Think of the fox, prowling in a winter night to satisfy his hunger. His race survives. I do not believe any of them ever committed suicide. – Henry David Thoreau


What’s in store for 2015?

psychic medium I’m not into predictions but I would say… watch out for this guy.

Play With Fire

I saw something looking back at me in my wood stove the other night.

My first response was “wow, that’s pretty cool” but then my dog left the room and I started thinking about a fire extinguisher.

Something's Burning, baby

I woke up on the roadside

Daydreamin’ ’bout the way things sometimes are. Dylan – “Idiot Wind.”

Hartford Advertising photographer,Bob Dylan, Milton Glaser,reflections

Milton Glaser


the reviews are in…

James Kuslan

James Kuslan

James Kuslan – New York City Artistic director and voice scout in the U.S. for German classical recording giant Deutsche Grammophon is the smartest looking person I met in 2014. Oh, and he’s amazingly talented and a lot of fun to work with too.

Pile of leaves attack two people in parking lot

Leaf-Attack-East-HartfordBystanders were shocked when a seemingly harmless pile of leaves decided to rise up and attack two people walking through a parking lot on their way into work this morning.  We’ll have more news on this breaking story as fall continues…


Looking Back

Looking BackIn shared stories of how you touched us all, and in silence, you are forever in our hearts.


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