Lois…Louis…What’s the difference?

While packing my things for the move into our new home, I came across this nameplate that my parents bought for me when they took my sister and I to Disney World when I was very young. How young?  I guess I could be rationalizing, but young enough to be terrified by someone who approached me in a Big Bad Wolf costume. I’m told there were tears.

He just didn’t fit into my plans. I had expected the usual for a young boy’s day at an amusement park: ice-cream, fun rides and meeting a checklist of characters I had been writing letters to for sometime then,,,or I guess at that age my mom was taking dictation.  My encounter with Mickey Mouse that day was met with just a minimal amount of fear which was quickly overshadowed by the excitement of meeting such a superstar in the world of cartoons. I’d finally be able to ask, “Did you get my letters Mickey? What’s your favorite type of cheese?”

Other than my run-in with that wolf I enjoyed my day at Disney World… But now every time I see this nameplate I wonder if my parent’s bought it before or after my crying fit brought on by the Big Bad Wolf. Who invited him anyway?

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