A bit part on MTV’s Made

It was awesome to get a call from the producer’s of MTV’s Made to see if I’d be interested in doing some portraits for a local aspiring fitness model they’re featuring for an episode. Why not right? We had a blast! My wife (also a photographer) finds great comfort in being behind the lens and does not like…well she hates… being in front of any camera, still or video, so it took a good deal of convincing to get her to help out on the shoot but I’m glad she did. I’m sure when all is said and done, we will at best occupy about 8 seconds of airtime, it is MTV after-all.
Oddly enough, I used to work at in – of all places – Sales & Marketing at MTV Networks when I first graduated college. I was writing a lot and starting to think about trying my hand at stand-up comedy. One day in passing I had mentioned to the President of MTV Networks that I was thinking about doing stand-up and he asked me to do some of my jokes for him…right then and there… in his really big office on the 23rd floor of 1515 Broadway. Awkward? Sure. But with only one audience member, you greatly reduce the odds of being heckled. He was gracious and I remember him encouraging me to go forward with it, which I did…for a bit.  Working for MTV lead me where I wanted to go which was TV Production, which then lead me (and I’m abbreviating heavily) to follow my true passion for photography. Ah the circle of life…I’ll post the air date once we know it.

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