Of desire and patience. Images from the Hollywood portrait project.

Taking the time to know yourself and follow your instincts leaves you open to many positive experiences. One of which is the path to creativity, a path that allows you to create for yourself and to shut out the second guessing voice that may otherwise  limit your abilities. I’ve always taken great interest in the classic black and white films of the 30’s, 40’s and on. To me, the lighting plays the biggest role, helping to tell the story, creating the mood and shaping the experience that the director of photography and director want to convey to the viewers. The beautiful portraits of actors and actresses from Hollywood’s golden era captivates me equally as much, and perhaps in some ways even more since I love the experience of being able to sit with stills and take my time seeing all the details that help create the experience of that scene. I sometimes feel like a forensics investigator looking over the images for clues as to how things were done. I couldn’t be happier with the first few images from my current project which pays homage to the great Hollywood photographer George Hurrell, and many others. Studying their creations and paying attention to their lighting technique is like taking a trip back in time where I’d like to believe things where a lot less rushed.  Many many thanks  to the beautiful hair and makeup created by Amanda Russell and our wonderful model volunteers. More to come!

Hollywood Project image #1

Hollywood Project image #1

Hollywood Project Image #2

Hollywood Project Image #2

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