The Quest for Clarity Through the Fog


Through the manufactured fog born of spoken-word mist and the rain of spit dripping from the mouth’s of insatiable monsters, there IS clarity. Continue leading forward with strength and seek the truth that exists beyond this veil. Look also beside you and behind as there are many who are with you on this quest. Offer your hand to others as the path may not be as visible for them and do not judge, as in time many who mashed their hands together in great applause of all that was promised will find themselves on an even darker road with a precursor of stubborn illusion to move through first. Where once they eagerly boarded what seemed a glossy rocket with the promise of a great destination they will find themselves heaving on the darkened road as if punched in the gut and thrown from what turned out to be a cardboard facade, painted gold, with only insatiable monsters and circus clowns behind it.

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