Looking for America

I’m honored to have an image I created included in The New Britain Museum of American Art’s exhibition  – Looking for America.

This image reflects my notions of America today as we navigate a sea of information and disinformation where lines and laws are blurred by abuse and discrimination and we hold tightly the goal of bringing into focus clarity, truth and justice.

For this exhibit, images were requested that convey what America means to you.   Looking for America is part of a non-partisan 50 state initiative organized by For Freedoms and involves hundreds of American artists and art institutions to spark a national dialogue about art, community engagement, and politics. The exhibit offers a “kaleidoscope of photographs that represent myriad perspectives on America’s values, people, history, past and future. While some images address current social and political events, others capture well-known American landmarks or figures, or convey personal experiences and observations of American citizens. As a whole, Looking for America reflects a nations that is diverse, complex and ever-evolving.”- For Freedoms.

This first image below is included in the exhibition followed by additional images I feel are pertinent to the subject matter as well.


“Clarity” image © Lou Russo Photography


“The Search” image © Lou Russo Photography


“Conflated” image © Lou Russo Photography

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