The Quest for Clarity Through the Fog

Continue leading forward with strength and seek the truth that exists beyond this veil.

“On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.” – Rodney Dangerfield.

No really…how do you feel?

Trust me, the winter of our discontent is eerily intense when it takes place at this family occasion. Richard III Act 1 Scene 1…from the perspective of a mob boss. Glad I could grab a few stills in-between takes. You can view Wynter Woody’s monologue here

Revamped Website and New images from The Hollywood Portrait Project

Cool news for a hot summer day….The new website for is up and now features the ability to fit the screen you’re viewing from to optimize the space and of course, the experience! Also, here are new images from The Hollywood Portrait Project.  So many people to thank for their amazing work, a truly talented group!  Makeup, hair and styling executed stunningly by…

My Aunt’s Amazing Easter Eggs

Growing up we always went to my grandparent’s house in Brooklyn for the holidays. Easter was always one of my favorites for one simple reason, my Aunt Netti’s Easter Eggs. Every year she featured a different theme and would arrange dozens of her egg creations on display. I was and still am fascinated by them. I recently spent some time with my Aunt at…

Fire and Fall Back

Working through the process of creating the main image for singer/songwriter Richie Kaye’s new website proved to be a truly collaborative effort.  Richie knew what he wanted the image to express but was also very open-minded, which in my opinion opened our possibilities and put us on a very creative path. Styling by Priscilla Russo. His new album “Fire & Fall Back” is out…