My Aunt’s Amazing Easter Eggs

Growing up we always went to my grandparent’s house in Brooklyn for the holidays. Easter was always one of my favorites for one simple reason, my Aunt Netti’s Easter Eggs. Every year she featured a different theme and would arrange dozens of her egg creations on display. I was and still am fascinated by them. I recently spent some time with my Aunt at her homeĀ  in Leonia, NJ and photographed all the eggs that she has, although sadly she does not have all of them. As a child, the best thing about her egg creations was that I’d get to choose and keep one, now what also interests me about them is hearing the stories behind them, like how some themes were inspired by her travels to Spain and China and how she would find all the small parts for them. These planes were made in 1980 while she worked for TWA airlines, the engines are electrical wire connectors.