No really…how do you feel?

Trust me, the winter of our discontent is eerily intense when it takes place at this family occasion.

Richard III Act 1 Scene 1…from the perspective of a mob boss.

Glad I could grab a few stills in-between takes.

You can view Wynter Woody’s monologue here


What caught my eye…

Even though I was probably a bit rushed when placing my order at Starbucks these images really caught my eye, and I guess off the top of my head I would say personally it’s because I love portraits and color, but there is also a sense of a true moment being captured in the work that sparked my interest. So much so that I decided to contact the artist to see if she wouldn’t mind talking about her work a bit so that I could share it on my blog. The artist is eighteen-year old Lexi Karafelis who just graduated Conard high-school in West Hartford, CT and is now attending Pratt Institute on a presidential merit scholarship in graphic communications.


Lou Russo: Why do you paint?

Lexi Karafelis: “I guess you could say the reason I create is because I love the complicated individuality of each person and how it is shown on their face and in their body language.”


LR: Tell me about these four portraits.

LK: “The four portraits are a small series I decided to create in my spare time this summer, they’re all actors, but it was their characters that persuaded me to draw them. All of these characters are facing a dilemma in these moments, each person portrayed is dealing with them in individual ways.”


LR: Talk about your use of color and light in these portraits.

LK: “The colors of each portrait contributes to the portrayal of each individual. I used warmer colors to convey passion, and cooler hues to portray levelheadedness. The larger the spectrum of colors, the more complicated the emotions of that person may be.”


LK: “Lighting was also important. In these four portraits one side of the face is mostly illuminated with natural and opaque while the other remains dark, or is subject to unnatural tones. This is where I wanted to illustrate that everyone has their armor, but only certain people will let some of those dark tones leak through.”

Revamped Website and New images from The Hollywood Portrait Project

Cool news for a hot summer day….The new website for is up and now features the ability to fit the screen you’re viewing from to optimize the space and of course, the experience! Also, here are new images from The Hollywood Portrait Project.  So many people to thank for their amazing work, a truly talented group!  Makeup, hair and styling executed stunningly by Valerie Gengras and our models are Rachael Shaw Lamphier who works over at the Pita Group and her husband Dan. My wife Priscilla is an asset to any shoot and her eye for details and posing is priceless. This shoot was challenging and very rewarding, I love the process of shaping light to create just the right look. None of this would have been possible this time around without the perfect wardrobe from Vintage Lorry In North Branford.  Lorry was instrumental in helping us find just the right clothing and accessories and her suggestions made all the difference. Enjoy the newly revamped website and I’ll be sure to post more portraits!Hollywood-Portraits-Lou-Russo-4fin Hollywood-Portraits-Lou-Russo-5fin- Hollywood-Portraits-Lou-Russo-8 RachaelDan_3

A bit part on MTV’s Made

It was awesome to get a call from the producer’s of MTV’s Made to see if I’d be interested in doing some portraits for a local aspiring fitness model they’re featuring for an episode. Why not right? We had a blast! My wife (also a photographer) finds great comfort in being behind the lens and does not like…well she hates… being in front of any camera, still or video, so it took a good deal of convincing to get her to help out on the shoot but I’m glad she did. I’m sure when all is said and done, we will at best occupy about 8 seconds of airtime, it is MTV after-all.
Oddly enough, I used to work at in – of all places – Sales & Marketing at MTV Networks when I first graduated college. I was writing a lot and starting to think about trying my hand at stand-up comedy. One day in passing I had mentioned to the President of MTV Networks that I was thinking about doing stand-up and he asked me to do some of my jokes for him…right then and there… in his really big office on the 23rd floor of 1515 Broadway. Awkward? Sure. But with only one audience member, you greatly reduce the odds of being heckled. He was gracious and I remember him encouraging me to go forward with it, which I did…for a bit.  Working for MTV lead me where I wanted to go which was TV Production, which then lead me (and I’m abbreviating heavily) to follow my true passion for photography. Ah the circle of life…I’ll post the air date once we know it.