The Quest for Clarity Through the Fog


Through the manufactured fog born of spoken-word mist and the rain of spit dripping from the mouth’s of insatiable monsters, there IS clarity. Continue leading forward with strength and seek the truth that exists beyond this veil. Look also beside you and behind as there are many who are with you on this quest. Offer your hand to others as the path may not be as visible for them and do not judge, as in time many who mashed their hands together in great applause of all that was promised will find themselves on an even darker road with a precursor of stubborn illusion to move through first. Where once they eagerly boarded what seemed a glossy rocket with the promise of a great destination they will find themselves heaving on the darkened road as if punched in the gut and thrown from what turned out to be a cardboard facade, painted gold, with only insatiable monsters and circus clowns behind it.

NYC…even better at night


Maybe the night begins here…bottles floating …

Then some guy in a cape shows up…


Coney Island Love Affair – Mermaid Parade 2013

Although I was only at the Mermaid Parade for a few hours this year, it seemed to be the perfect amount of time. I don’t go for the actual parade, I arrived hours after the parade. The idea of photographing people “parading” down a street doesn’t interest me at all. But afterwards, as the worlds of spectacle and spectators intertwine on the boardwalk and side-streets, that’s when the true magic of  the day happens. I never ask  anyone to look at my camera and if they do, I rarely like it.  I prefer to be invisible during my time there. That’s always been how I preferred it and how I did it when I first started photographing Coney Island 12 summers ago when I lived in nearby Manhattan Beach and would spend every weekend on the boardwalk listening to the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream and shooting film.  It’s great to see Coney Island back in full force after Hurricane Sandy and along with it being preserved I hope that it continues to grow and never loses its distinct mix of seaside excitement, artistic expression and the awesome people who make it what it is.

Mermaid-2013-02  Coney-Island-Russo-Mermaid Mermaid-2013-4Mermaid-2013-1 Mermaid-2013-5 Mermaid-2013-6 Mermaid-2013-07 Mermaid-2013-08 Mermaid-2013-09 Mermaid-2013-10  Mermaid-2013-12 Mermaid-2013-13Mermaid-2013-11 Mermaid-2013-14

Life in Slow Motion

I’m not much for lists beyond the “to do” list that helps add some sense to my days, just thought I’d share some things from the past year that inspired me, made me think, laugh etc… throughout the next few weeks. All my following posts will only update to my blog at and Facebook Photography Page at so follow or like!
First off, James Nares STREET at The Wadsworth Atheneum. STREET is an unscripted 61 minute high-definition video filmed on the streets of Manhattan that is simply amazing to watch.  Shot using a camera normally intended to be stationary while shooting fast-moving objects (Phantom Flex) the camera was mounted on the back of an SUV while it roamed the city streets.  When played back in super slow motion, every facial expression and movement of the people on the street becomes, well, beautiful.  One of my favorite pastimes has always been people watching, STREET brings it to an entirely different level. The typical intensity and determination of the city street-walker is slowed down and presented as mellifluous dream-like movements.  While some slowly move, others are motionless, frozen in time while on a cell phone or waiting to cross the street. The normally unseen flicker of fluorescent lights seem to strum the guitar played by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, an original piece which was composed for the video.  A man stands on a street corner and with eyes closed, rubs his forehead with his hand.  What’s his story? Money problems? Health?  And then you realize that this image you’re staring at is most likely just a second in time, just some guy who blinked while rubbing his forehead. And that’s what interests me. Taking an everyday action or idea and presenting it in a way that strips it of its reality and redefines it. The hour-long video is actually just under three minutes of footage. You have to check it out! Here is a link to two short clips.